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There are many brands available in Air-conditioner today. Also there are many dealers, retailers and showrooms etc. out there in the market which provide these machines at a very comparable rate. It becomes very important to buy a machine from a dealer rather than from a showroom or even than buying a machine online.
Firstly many brands do not give warranty if one buys an AC online. There have been various articles in the newspaper in past about the companies deciding to make the warranty void if someone buys an AC online. Also if one buys the machine online the service person that comes is usually an employee on contractual basis and is given a particular task. The person does the installation in a hurry and then once he is done it is virtually impossible to trace him if any problem occurs. They even generally avoid doing the vacuum of AC during installation since it requires and additional machine to be carried and also takes about 20 minutes more for vacuum to be completed. There is a lack of responsibility once the work is done and the customers find no place to go if any problem turns up; in fact they have to contact some other service person who will fix it for them which incurs additional cost.
Similar problem occurs for any problems in installation when one buys from a showroom. Also the free services which are provided by the showroom and online vendor differs from than that provided by the dealer. When one buys a machine from a dealer the whole responsibility of warranty and servicing is under the dealer and his engineers. So the work quality will obviously rise. Also the service dealers will maintain the service chart and schedule service every 3-4 months whenever it is needed. On the other hand if someone buys a machine online or from showroom, he or she has to remember about the service due dates and call the customer care of that brand who’s AC has been bought and also the further follow-up process.
There are many instances and complaints of customer that the service man does not turn up for months and they need to keep calling and do the follow-up in the customer care department. Whereas on the other hand once an AC is bought from a dealer, the customer need not even remember the due date of services as the dealer will call customer by themselves and schedule the service by taking an appointment.
So it is always more logical to buy AC or any product which requires maintenance from the Best AC Dealers in Mumbai rather than going for some schemes at showroom or getting attracted by the lower online prices. Also many times the prices of the dealers are lesser than that of the showroom and than that of online prices.
We at (Coolite Corporation) are authorized sales & service dealers of multi-brand air-conditioners since past 31 years. Our workshop is located in Kandivali, Mumbai. You can contact us on or call us directly on 9920136760 for any further assistance.
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