AC Repairs

Every consumer durable faces an issue at some point or the other. ACs are machine that face problems sooner or later. Lots of factors are responsible for these issues.
Here are the few major parts where issues occur in AC and needs repair or maintenance:
  1. AC water leakage
  2. AC low cooling (due to gas leakage)
  3. AC low cooling (due to choke up – requires servicing)
  4. AC compressor (one of the most costliest repairs)
  5. AC circuit (display circuit)
  6. AC remote (better to buy a new remote rather than repairing)
  7. AC condenser (condenser deteriorates over a period of time)
  8. AC motor
  9. AC running/fan capacitor
Apart from these there are many other problems as well but the above stated ones are the most common complaints a customer faces
These issues if faced needs to be solved and repaired at a good service center or a repair outlet for AC. There are many repair shops in the market but one need to be aware of the consequences of faulty repair which may lead to more additional cost and more electric consumption. So it is always better to get your AC repaired from an experienced service dealer of AC.
Sometimes issue may even occur due to faulty service or wrong installation. So even buying an AC from a good and experienced dealer and getting your AC serviced from a professional service person is very important for maintaining your AC and incurring lower cost in repairs of the AC.
We have been repairing machines on site and also we bring the machines to our workshop from various locations such as Borivali, Kandivali, Malad, Goregaon, Jogeshwari, Andheri etc and repair if needed. Minor repair of AC on the machine site usually gets done in a day or two and if major fault, then it takes about 4-5 working days in our workshop at Kandivali.
We at (Coolite Corporation) are authorized sales & service dealers of multi-brand air-conditioners since past 31 years. Our workshop is located in Kandivali, Mumbai and merely known as the Best AC Repairs in Kandivali. You can contact us on or call us directly on 9920136760 for any further assistance.
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