AC on Rent & buying Second hand AC

These days we have seen many people opting to go for buying an AC on rent for a certain period of time and also at many places we see that the demand for buying out a second hand AC has been increasing significantly.
The main reason for this is that the number of people living on rent has been increasing in Mumbai. People now-a-days cannot afford to buy new homes in metropolitan city like Mumbai. Not only residential but even commercial property prices are sky high which leads to people buying their home or office on rent rather than owning the property.
Putting new machines, furniture etc. in this rented place tends to be costlier, so people generally go for either buying AC on rent or buying AC which will serve them for a certain period of time (eg. Like 2 years). Buying a new AC for just 2 years is very costly, so instead it is logical to get a machine and use it for 2 years on rent and give it back or buying out the second hand ac a very low cost.
We at (Coolite Corporation) ensure that the AC which we give on rent is in good condition which not only gives better cooling but also ensures better electric consumption. The main reason for this is the servicing and maintenance of these AC which comes under us. You can buy AC on rent in Kandivali with best of the prices in market. Also for second hand machines we provide a 1 year warranty and 3 servicing complimentary with the machine.
If one buys an AC on rent from us we provide the whole maintenance of the machine without any charges. We also do not take any visit charges for complaints for these rented machines. Usually the rented machines are taken for a minimum period of 2 months up to 5 years. We believe in providing good machines so generally for the age of AC more than 5 years we plan to change the machines and provide with the latest ones. The rent of the machines per month is lower if the machines are taken for more months rather than just a month or two.
Buying second hand AC is also more prominent these days as the branded machine’s life is for quite a few years and if the machine used is in good condition one can easily plan to buy that which will save lots of money against buying that same new AC. One should ensure that the second hand AC which they plan to buy should be in good condition and also they should buy it from an experienced dealer. It would be preferable to buy this machine under warranty. Many places there are different rates for warranty; one should pay out that extra 1,000-2,000 Rs. For the 1 year warranty when going for a second hand AC.
We at (Coolite Corporation) are dealing in Rental & Second hand AC since 31 years across Mumbai. Our head office is located in Kandivali (West). You can visit our website or contact us at 9920136760 for any further assistance.
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