AC Installation

AC installation is one of the most essential steps after buying a new AC. This defines the life of the machine, the maintenance cost the machine will incur and also the electricity which will be consumed.
For installation of window AC the dimensions of the box where the machine needs to be fitted must be made ready. If the dimension are smaller than the new AC dimension the cutting needs to be done. At many places we see that the AC ordered is larger in size but there is no room to expand the box where the AC needs to be fitted, which creates lot many problems. So making sure that you buy an AC of right fit if your box is a constraint is very important.
Split AC installation is time consuming than that of Window AC. Vacuum of machine during installation is one of the most important steps while installing split machine. Basically it empties all the air bubbles in the system which gives a better cooling and also increases efficiency. With this increased efficiency the electric consumption goes down and more of a power is saved. There are hardly few vendors in the market who does this. Another important aspect in Split AC installation is the slope of the drain pipe. If proper slope is not provided then it leads to water dripping in the future and unless the pipe is installed properly the issue would not solve on a permanent basis.
Similar things have to be considered during installation of a Cassette AC. Cassette AC are favorable for large room size like halls, offices etc. Making a false ceiling is a must for installing cassette AC else the AC looks like it is hanging on top of the wall. Installing Cassette AC requires a bit more time than that of the split AC since the hangars and also the hole in the ceiling needs to be accurate along with the piping that is passed from inside the false ceiling.
Installing a Ductable or VRF systems requires high expertise and also takes a few days to be completed. Generally Ductable and VRF systems are done if the area is large and huge or even if there are multiple floors like in a hotel, corporate offices etc. It is also possible to install this system for houses. It is very important to select a proper vendor or dealer for such kind of projects since there are very few dealers out there in the market which does installation of Ductable and VRF AC system.
For all the AC it becomes essential to take a heavy electrical point besides the machine of sufficient ampere. For the split machines, VRF, ductable and even cassette machines it becomes convenient many a times to take the heavy electrical point near the outdoor unit rather than near the indoor unit.
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